Bojack Horseman, a Netflix serie

Recently I returned to watch anime doing a trip to my childhood when I came running back from school to watch the last drawings that were on TV, and on Saturdays I would wake up early to spend the whole morning watching.

In adulthood I found and rediscovered my old hobby but now with drawings with adult dramas.

Drawings like The Simpsons, Futurama and now Bojack Horseman make me relive the childhood magic of when I was just a little kid having fun.

This last Bojack was a surprise to me, at first I was a little surprised at the oddities of the characters, but soon I realized that the main character was much more profound experiencing a true drama like many Hollywood movie characters.
Or maybe I just got identified with the character, an actor with his childhood traumas trying to meet in life. Anyway worth a deeper look.

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I am the Superman

I present you Superman! Superman is the sense of the earth. Say to your will: be the Superman, the sense of the earth.. 



O Monge e o Executivo

Hoje terminei o meu primeiro livro do ano O Monge e o Executivo. Devo dizer que gostei muito desse livro e dos ensinamentos que ensinam como um verdadeiro líder deve agir.

Uma das primeiras coisas que aprendi foi a diferença entre Poder e Autoridade. Basicamente poder é usar a força pra fazer as pessoas fazerem algo por você.

E autoridade é quando as pessoas fazem algo por você porque respeitam a sua pessoa.

E por fim, aprendemos que o objetivo de todo trabalho ou liderança é servir ao próximo, bem como demonstrar o amor a todas as pessoas.

Sendo o amor, na verdade algo muito além de apenas um sentimento, mas agir de maneira gentil e respeitar as outras pessoas.

Então achei muito proveitosa a leitura desse livro e recomendo para todos aqueles que desejam evoluir como seres humanos e a desempenhar algum papel de liderança em nossa sociedade ou nas relações pessoais em geral.



Discovering new pleasures

Some time ago I decided to make a change in my eating habits ..

I decided to try to change the coffee for teas ..

And I realized that this has done me very well ..

Besides being much easier to prepare and clean , the teas are lighter and seem to do very well to health ..

My favorites are the blacks and the greens ..

And I'm very happy for this change ..

And coffee?

Well, I still have coffee, but I have let it for when I go to special coffee shops ..

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Vision Board or Lat

One of the things I always do every year is a Visions Board or ~Lat that only means 'image' in Allans language.

The goal is always to remember my goals and projects to visualize through my faith the blessings I desire for my life.

I advise you to make your ~Lat too and thus be motivated to bring all good things of the intelligible world into your reality here in this lifetime.

Ricardo Rangels ® ©

Uma das coisas que sempre faço todo ano é um Quadro de Visões ou ~Lat que significa apenas 'imagem' em Allane.

O objetivo é sempre me lembrar de meus objetivos e projetos, além de visualizar através da minha fé as bênçãos que desejo pra minha vida.

Aconselho você a fazer o seu ~Lat também e assim se motivar a trazer todas as coisas boas do mundo inteligível pra sua realidade aqui nessa existência.


The wonderful Bahian cuisine

One of the coolest things about is in Salvador, the third largest city in Brazil, besides the beaches and many leisure options is the cuisine.

Salvador is a city where you can find everything but the highlight is even local or Bahian cuisine.

The most famous tastes are undoubtedly the Acarajé a fried bean dip in palm oil that is served with shrimp, diced tomatoes, pepper ..

And Abará another that carries the same ingredients of the first, only that is not fried but cooked with leaf of banana trees.

But my favorites are the delights of the seabed. So I'll tell you my two specials:

The Mariscada is a mixture of fish, squid and various seafood cooked with a very strong seasoning, with palm oil and pepper...

And the Peixe Vermelho, fried red fish, both with accompaniments of rice, beans, among others ..

They are delicious dishes and well nutritious and to eat up to 3 people.

So when you're in Bahia, you know how to do it like I do, and I enjoy them mostly on the beach as I usually do.

It is not so cheap but well worth it.


The happiness of being an Allan

I constantly see news of religion-driven wars, I see people exploding, people hating others by the color of their skin, nationalists dying for their politicians, and now the latest fight where the embassy is.

As Allan I see all this as a great lack of common sense. In that case I see how happy I am to be an Allan.

These days I have been in a great state of mind, really very happy, I feel that the Consciousness  has freed me from all my mistakes and I feel really perfected.

Of course I face problems like everyone else, but my allan vision makes everything lighter.

I do not need to kill or die for any cause, I do not even need to protest, I have no sacred place to visit or fight, but at the same time I see the Sacredness in all existing things.

I fear absolutely nothing, my nights and days are blessed, I just become better every day and I want to express this energy and reason to live forever.



Black Marble T-shirts

The novelty i bring you this month are T-shirts with this color black marble with iconic phrases like this "nothing is by chance".

You do not find these young, funky pieces anywhere.

And the hint is to search in small fairs where there are many alternative brands and independent artists.

That's how i panned this beautiful piece.

Until next!


A novidade que eu trago esse mês pra vocês são camisetas com essa cor preto mármore com frases icônicas como essa "nada é por acaso".

Você não encontra essas peças jovens e descoladas em qualquer lugar.

E a dica é pesquisar em pequenas feiras onde tem muitas marcas alternativas e artistas independentes.

Foi assim que garimpei essa linda peça.


Ricardo Rangels ® ©


International Man's Day - Nothing to celebrate

Now, just go out for coffee and buy some things on the market. At the exit appeared a tall man pretending to be in his fifties but still physically strong.

He approached and very polite asked me for a loaf of bread as I was hungry. He apologized for it and seemed very embarrassed to be in this situation. I helped him by giving him some money in my pocket.

It reminded me that the international man's day was this week and how the media generally ignored it quite differently from other commemorative dates.

In Brazil this is also dedicated to the prevention of prostate cancer and if almost no notoriety for this campaign, quite different from the month of October that is dedicated to breast cancer where everywhere is only talked about it.

But that does not surprise me since I became aware that there is a silent war against the male gender in Western countries.

The misandric campaign of defamation and state persecution against men only increases every day. And nobody cares, after all, only the feminist agenda matters.

But you will say but there are wealthy, successful men famous. Of course there are and these are the only men that women and politicians care about, for the rest of us, ordinary men or workers, the state only that we pay taxes, do all the heavy and inhumane work and die in their stupid wars to feed the ego of the powerful.

It is true that women also face sexism in society, but only men are being massacred every day by the state itself, the media, international organizations and by other men who have been brainwashed all their lives.

Well, I have nothing to say and more and more we will be persecuted with increasingly harsh laws and defamation in the media.

We are not even entitled to ample defense in the courts, because every man is guilty before any woman who accuses him even without any evidence.

Apartheid is also already happening in some places with the so-called safe space for women only.

In divorce judgments men continue to get on badly, successful careers are being destroyed etc..  so do not be fooled when things get even worse and every day you find gentlemen living on the streets embarrassed to ask for alms to survive.

The tendency is only to worsen if all Western men do not wake up and stop feeding the misandric system.

You are warned, then seek to evolve, forget marriage and focus only on building your health and wealth. For everything is against us.

Tarar Collection on sale for $ 4.873 million

These days i was packing up and i found myself with those little art boards i painted when i was in my twenties and i was in college.

It was a very creative time and it was the first time that i dedicated myself to putting a little of my essence in a work of art.

At that time i painted this collection that i call Tarar (my joy) in a language that only i know ..

In addition to others that were donated to people close and special. Certainly most are already lost in time but i have kept these pictures for a long time and they are even dusty.

I have never sold a painting of mine until today, in fact i have never even tried to sell of my own accord and i have always had a special attachment to these pieces.

I know that it is not possible to put value in art, but i have come to this price to invest in another great artistic project that i have been cultivating for a long time. Then it will be art for more art still.

Thanks everyone and if you have interest call me direct on Instagram @ricardorangels


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