The Earth is not a hell

Hello, sometimes we go through a lot of negative things during the week, we look at the news and we see the evil spreading everywhere, illness, death, war, our delay in getting to work, and even the rain that falls just in time. we're going out.

It seems that everything has been perfectly synchronized to make us suffer or that there is a global conspiracy to screw us, or are we in a virtual game to be tested?

But while many religions claim that the earth is a place of atonement and torment or that we are here paying for some past-life karma; The truth is that none of this exists and we are not in any kind of hell.

What happens is just the constant struggle and conflict of interest between various beings, politics and not having enough resources to have a better life.

No one is condemned here paying for any original sin, no karma, no past-life mistakes. We are only born in bad social conditions without knowing the true philosophy.

I myself have spent many years myself believing in some destiny or that I was worthy of suffering but as soon as I received divine knowledge and put into practice our high philosophy [F4ll ~], the results came to light soon, and I had an improvement. significant in all areas of my life.

It is not easy and requires dedication, but it is possible to change your life for the better in almost every situation.

From this we can assume that if we were in any hell none of this would be possible, there would be no kind of improvement and all would be only suffering.

Another issue is that if we were in hell, it would mean that people who were rich or who were born in developed nations would have been better in a past life to have privileges in that life, and if they were better they should also be better in this life due to the evolution of various lives.

But none of this is verified and quite the opposite, in fact many more developed nations have been spreading evil and ambition across the land, so there is no kind of evolution in these countries superior to the underdeveloped countries.

But maintaining these myths is appropriate to the bad system we live in, so many people and nations can wash their hands believing that nothing can be done to make other disadvantaged people and nations progress. It is a useful excuse that serves the political and social system well.

Another point is to look at the beauty and artistry that exists on earth, if you have spiritual eyes even things considered bad have a logical explanation and a lot of beauty.

Forget the idea of ​​a good god who should allow no evil on earth, we have to solve these problems, protect people and solve our problems.

Our God has already given us all that is needed and all the knowledge to evolve and has now manifested deep knowledge through our philosophy. It is up to us to accept and put into practice although false philosophies still continue to damage our lives by pure emotion and weakness.

The very contemplation of our Eternal Consciousness shows us how beautiful this world is, what is best about us, and how art manifests itself in our lives proving once and for all that we are not in hell but in a place of great potentialities and probabilities.

It is up to us to choose the right path and do the best for all beings. After all, no, we are not in hell, but in a hidden paradise that can only be revealed with the eyes of the soul.

Aisi ⏸️

Never settle down

One of the things I realize even in relationships with close people is advice to stop.

Among these advice is to buy your own home, get financing, don't worry about how you look, stop working out, give up on your projects, this will never work, and other criticisms you see are based on pure envy for you to stop. ..

But you should never stop, just when you leave this world, forget these people and their advice, some even well-meaning who care about you.

But you have to go your own way, and if you even have to walk away from pessimistic or envious people, do it right now.

No one will do anything for you, no one can give you the validation you need, it's just you and yourself making your own way for yourself.

Never stop, never settle as long as you can breathe, with every wrong advice, negative words, the more you should get stronger and act, every "no" and closed door, the more you should perfect yourself and fight harder, at least in accomplishments that only depend on you, only on you.

Never settle down. Redouble your efforts.

Ricardo Rangels

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind was the first Financial Education book I read a few years ago and in fact it was a primordial book for me to make a change in my financial life.

The book addresses a complex issue that is how our mind influences our financial decisions.

There are several ready-made ways to get rich, but none of them deal with the overriding fact that it is mental change that is the biggest barrier to many people's lives.

And especially the chapter that deals with how we are inspired by the behavior of our parents we witnessed in childhood.

It is not a perfect book especially in the investment suggestions given by the author but it is a book that will make you reflect on the models of how to handle money seized in childhood.

A transformative and reflective experience that is very important not only in finances but throughout our lives. Indispensable reading for those who want to start or readjust in Financial Education and Enrichment.

Ricardo Rangels ® 

Rio de Janeiro ~ Seasons

We were in Rio de Janeiro, a place with incredible natural beauty.

We stayed in Copacabana and from there we left to enjoy the day, to see sights and to eat in good restaurants.

Then we went to  Niterói and Buzios, see this charming and magical places where we spent a good time on a farm and boat trip despite the weather is cloudy at first, but soon the sun came ..

The other day we had a helicopter ride to get to know the city better and a private party at night.

It really was wonderful to know Rio de Janeiro.




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