Happy L.at~

We are in the philosophical month of the Image.

A dedicated time the visual arts are but also a reflection time about who we are? What is our real image?

These days i have been busy perfecting me for my real image and substance.

I have seen a lot of including form and have left behind mistakes, people and things that did not do me good.

It is a long way towards the self-knowledge and a full life but i am doing fine.

Thanks to all of you follow me and may the light of Conscience enlighten  and bless you.



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Happy R.ann

R.ann ~

We are in the allane month's r.ann that is the dedicated month's flora. This month we reflect on the practical aspect about the preservation of nature and the philosophical aspect we observe the harmony and what we can learn from the flora.

Doing a reflection even more profound today me came the insight of how to be a allane is a gift. I remember before when you believed in other beliefs and how everyone always took the non life is to live always tormented by guilt idea or it is always in disharmony with nature.

The human always seems is at odds with a deity, karma or needs a redemption. Logical to live in that causes some psychic disorders and is one of the causes of social problems of our contemporary society.

That does not exist in the allanismo. We accepted life. Sin does not even exist because there is not a trial. No deity can blame anything or send you to a bad place. Also no karma from a previous life does not exist. The only thing that exists is your choices your hits your mistakes.

So why should I do good things? The very concept of good and evil is arbitrary. Everything that exists is the nature of your deals and conflicts of interest.

But having a simple answer. To do things good or for looking for an inner evolution and become a human better only because it is the only way to meet with ourselves.

A hammer. What is the sense of the existence of a hammer if not hammer something. It is the same thing with the humans.

There is a higher purpose in our existence. We win intelligence and rationality beyond the artistic ability. For this is the meaning of life we develop our potentialities more and more and we will be at the excellent path of improvement divine.



Happy L.ann ~

L.ann means ' numbers ' at Allans calendar. We celebrate the math laws of universe more prosperity, science and perfect knowledge.

L.ann significa 'números' no calendário allane. Nós celebramos as leis matemáticas do universo mais a prosperidade, ciência e conhecimentos perfeitos.

L.annie ~


O mapa mais preciso do mundo / The most accurate map

An architect and artist Hajime Narukawa created the AuthaGraph map more accurate than any Mercator map.

Like allans we have to keep more next to the truth or reality so we support this new perspective of Earth.

But if you don't like it. You can use another the Peters.


Um arquiteto e artista japonês Hajime Narukawa criou o mapa Authagraph que é mais preciso do que qualquer outro mapa de Mercator.

Como allanos, nós temos que permanecer mais próximos da verdade ou realidade de nosso mundo por isso apoiamos essa nova perspectiva da terra.

Mas se você não gostou você pode usar outro o Peters.


Singing Presentations of Vila Velha Theatre, Salvador - Bahia


Vitória, ES ~ Seasons

A bit of my vaccations in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brasil. A friendly and interesting city few visited in Brasil.


Origins of human issues / Origens dos problemas humano

The human being has an emptiness generated by rationality.

The animal only suffers pain by not having their basic needs met, as they do not have the rationality they do not suffer reminding of the past or fear of the future.

How to solve this?

1 find your basic material or physical needs

2 achieve a super rationality that can give meaning to your life and make you overcome the fear of death and social comparisons.

If you look for the source of your suffering, you are in one of these two points, or it is material / physical (lack of money, love, sex, success) or existential (fear of death, feelings of guilt if you feel sinful, a goal).

What is the origin of your issues?


O ser humano possui um vazio gerado pela racionalidade.

O animal só sofre dor ao não ter suas necessidades básicas atendidas, como eles não tem a racionalidade eles não sofrem lembrando do passado ou com medo do futuro.

Como solucionar isso?

1 suprir as suas necessidades básicas materiais ou físicas

2 atingir uma super racionalidade que possa dar um sentido a sua vida e te fazer superar o medo da morte e as comparações sociais.

Se procurar a origem de seu sofrimento está num desses dois pontos ou é material / físico (falta de dinheiro, amor, sexo, sucesso) ou é existencial  (medo da morte, sentimentos de culpa se sentir pecador, não ter um sentido pessoal pra existência, um objetivo ).

Qual a origem de seus problemas?


Filme A Chegada & a cultura allana

Hoje assistir ao filme A Chegada que trata de uma história dos problemas causados pela chegada de alienígenas ao nosso planeta.

O enredo foca nos problemas de comunicação entre humanos e aliens.

Mas o que mais me chamou a atenção foi algumas similaridades com a mitologia allana.

Primeiro a dificuldade de comunicação, na mitologia allane acontece algo parecido em que os alanos tentavam se comunicar de várias formas com alguns seres que chegaram a quarta terra.

Segundo, os hierogrifos usados pelos aliens que também se assemelham a algumas letras do alfabético decorativo da língua alana.

Bem, não vou dizer que se tratou de algum tipo de plágio, principalmente no alfabeto que já existia bem antes do filme existir, mas talvez como mais uma vez o cinema trouxe através do subconsciente da humanidade, realidades antigas de nossas origens e história.

Espero que algum dia o cinema pare de apenas trazer histórias que coincidem com nossa cultura, mas que também possam retratar as histórias allanas originais. ~


The movie Arrival & Allans culture

Today watch the film The Arrival that deals with a history of the problems caused by the arrival of aliens to our planet.

The plot focuses on communication problems between humans and aliens. But what caught my attention the most were some similarities with the allans mythology.

First the difficulty of communication, in allane mythology happens something similar in which the allans tried to communicate in various ways with some beings who reached the fourth earth.

Second, the hieroglyphs used by the aliens that also resemble some letters of the decorative alphabet of the allans language.

Well, I will not say that it was some kind of plagiarism, especially in the alphabet that already existed well before the movie existed, but perhaps as once again the cinema brought through the subconscious of humanity, ancient realities of our origins and history.

I hope someday the cinema will stop just bringing stories that coincide with our culture, but also that they can portray the original stories of Allae. ~


Using hatred / Usando o ódio

Hate is a formidable force in the universe, but do not use it for evil or to hurt people.

Channel your hate, all anger, pain that they made against you to grow, to accomplish their goals only..

Use the hatred to build a life of WINS and SUCCESS for you..

Ricardo Rangels ®

O ódio é uma força descomunal no universo, mas não use isso para o mal ou para ferir pessoas..

Canalize o seu ódio, toda raiva, dor que te fizeram passar para crescer, para realizar seus objetivos apenas..

Use o ódio pra construir uma vida de vitórias e sucesso para você.


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