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Month of Letters & Legend of Neitl

In Ssilians was a very wise king and faithful to God, every day in the morning he quit to devote prayers and meditations to the Divine Consciousness.

One day he realized that his people had great difficulty in solving their legal issues because most could not read or write their own language using hieroglyphic of a large foreign kingdom and it was so far the only form of writing of your people.

Sad and worried about it, King Neitl prayed to God telling his frustration about this issue  ...

That same night came a beautiful plant full of gorgeous boughs and flowers wrapped in a great aura of bright light ..

This plant fall flowers, twigs and seeds, and while they were falling becoming the letters and numbers that we use today.. 

These characters was born what we now call Latin alphabet and the plant branches born decorative alphabet Allane language.. 

And so the king can teach your people to read and write and your kingdom and people to become one of the most successful of all time.. 

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