A month from many perspectives

That was the month of 'rat', a month dedicated to energy that created the animal nature. It is a very intense month for me because I can feel the vibration of each allans month.

So it was not easy to feel twice as all the instincts of my physical body and all the feelings that it brings.

This month I also decided to develop a new theme, this time dedicated to helping the male audience, it will be in OOW link which means Our Own Way  and will be based help contemporary men to find a new direction in this hostile world everything it want is to discriminate you increasingly in Western countries.

In my country for example, men have become second-class citizens before the law and there is also a strong smear campaign against males. Well, there is still a long way until we have legal equality and we can be ourselves, but decided to help with what I can in the fight against the state and cultural misandry who settled in Western society.

Also this month I was very busy, routine testing and preparation for acting, singing and even dancing in a musical was exhausting and I could not take good care of my food because often had to eat out.

But in the end it was very good and I feel that the mission was accomplished, the show was amazing and the applause of the public offset all the difficulties we face.

So I just have to thank everyone who attended and colleagues who participated. Well, that was my allans month, let's now to the new challenges to come this close.


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