First post of my personal diary

Today we are ending the Allans month of image (lat). And then I had the idea to share with you some of what I have lived and am living in that period.

I plan to do this every month from now, even to vent a little and perhaps serve as an inspiration, if we want to better understand my philosophy of life.

Well, the month Lat, is a month dedicated to the image, both in art and photography, painting and other visual languages ​​as well as philosophically.

This means that we should try to get our true image, the image of God that God has created for us.

Or our true personality. It's like the best image of ourselves, our improved version, optimized, real.

So I started this very focused this month, I meditated a lot in this questions:

Who am I? What desire for truth for my life? What kind of person I want to be? What is my true image?

Then I had some answers. The first was to dedicate myself more to this space. I always wanted to take more seriously my relationship with the public, be able to express myself and say what I think and what I like, and the result is that rather increased the posts in this blog.

I am also studying hard and rehearsing for a musical show in the theater.

Or should I say how much it has required me. I have worked to develop skills that never developed how to express with the body, rehearse and perform well in live theater.

It's not particularly easy for me I'm in a process to stop being shy. But I'm getting beat and beating me. Everyone should do the same, do not accept shyness, it prevents you to find and live many cool things.

This month also found two old recordings when I started singing, and it made me very happy, the Lass music is different and incomprehensible to most people, but I keep myself expressing it because it's the music that really touches my soul.

Finally, even with the difficult routine of exercises in the theater, I also felt it was time to start working out in a gym.

I saw that needed to improve both my health and appearance and decided to dedicate myself more to take care of my body.

Then 3 times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm dedicating myself there for 1 hour. No big deal, but it's helping me a lot, so to have more self esteem but also to live with different people and it has been very good.

I think the proper word for this month, was 'opening', both meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. And it worked, I feel I'm really finding my true "I" and my true image.

Eise ~

Ricardo Rangels ® ©

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