For once in life every man has a right to be madly in love with a beautiful redhead ..

This phrase of Lucille Ball expresses well the fascination that causes red hair in many people.

I'm suspect to talk because I really am redheads fan since I had a quick relationship with one of these beauties.

So let's unravel some of the magic that so beautiful hue cause us mainly in us men.

Red hair as it is called this genetic mutation only 2% of the population is responsible for the red or orange of the body and hair.

It usually occurs in people whose ancestors come from northern or western Europe being less frequent in other people, although nothing prevents it from happening in other ethnic groups as you will see below.

~Daria, Moscow, Russia

"I love my hair and color. It makes me different, not blonde or brunette. And there are not many redheads models. Fortunately I never had problems with that in Russia, people do not notice so much the color of the hair, it does not make much sense to them.

Difficulties .. Hmm is hard to explain to people that your hair changes color from time to time. And when you have to take pictures, the color depends on the light. The color can come out light red or fire red and some people think it's fake, but it is not, it is true."

Facts and trivia

Her red hair is a genetic mutation and it is believed that the recessive gene MC1R is responsible for red hair.

This gene is recessive, it means that even after several generations, even brunettes or blondes people can come to someone born redhead.

So perhaps you who are reading now may have the redhead gene without knowing, but for a redheaded child is born it is necessary that both parents have the hidden red gene.

~Lauren, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

"I like being redheaded because it is very beautiful and attracts attention. You're different from other girls, or do not have many people like you. Then you are highly praised by the color of her hair. I love being redheaded, love even of passion.

Find no difficulty being redhead, the one perhaps, is that people want to emulate its color, the tone of your hair. And I do not think it's really cool."

Geographic distribution

The UK is where you have the highest percentage of redheads, especially in Scotland. Having already had several monarchs with red hair as Queen Elizabeth 1.

And speaking of Europe, redheads have been persecuted in the Middle Ages to be associated with witchcraft, and suffered restrictions in the Nazi regime.

However, redheads also served as inspiration for many artists with the work "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli, the greatest example. And the author of this blog too .. ☺

Just like in fairy tales, that from the past are generally thought of as beautiful redheaded women.

In Brazil, due to interbreeding is common black or brown people who are natural redheads. I know two in my town and I've seen several other from time to time in the streets.

~Jakeline, Bahia, Brazil

"For me to be redhead was always very interesting and funny to the fact that I am black, since I'm a child the people thought it was painted and thought absurd like..

"How does a mother allow the child dye your hair?"

So we always had to explain that it was natural. Other people stopped me on the street wondering what paint I was using because they wanted to paint the same color. So for me has always been something proving it.

The difficulties beyond that of always having to prove that my hair is natural, is to find appropriate makeup for my hair and skin because the tone are very equal, it is difficult to find a tone that encourages me.

But i always view me incredible, I always thought amazing that i have red hair and be the only black redhead I know."

Body features

In addition to hair, body hair also have red hair color. And usually redheads have freckles scattered throughout the body. What I find beautiful. ☺

Redheads also have fewer hairs than blondes and brunettes people. But because of its threads being coarser appear to have more volume. Also, the red wire take longer to turn white.

~Hivy, Paraná, Brazil

"It is very cool to be redheaded, be different. The difficulty is the same who is very beautiful, because you never know if the person is with you only by your hair or not. (laughs)"

Hardly redheads dye their hair a different color, but the color is the most copied, without success in my opinion.

Also could, until the bees sting prefer redheads, why do they change?

If you have naturally one of the most exciting and beautiful colors of nature, the red color of life, desire and passion.

Is that why redheads are so fascinating?

That I do not know, but as the title says, I have been madly in love with a redhead once, Ah, I've been, yes..

Ricardo Rangels ® ©


  1. Anonymous6.10.16

    Todas belissimas, otima materia também além de aprender um pouco mais eu realmente não sabia que existia ruivas negras, muito legal mesmo Sandra Piracicaba

  2. Sim, todas belas! Obrigado pelo feedback.. ☺ 😊


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