Gratitude, 2016

We arrived at the end of one more allans  month, the Month of Music.

This month I had planned to do several musical covers, but it did not work out. I had many things to solve, I worked a lot and I was very busy.

It was also a month of many reflections. I was thinking first of all about everything I did this year.

At first I thought I could not accomplish everything I wanted and it made me a little sad, but then I reflected and realized that it was an incredible year indeed. And there have been many good things in my life.

I remembered that I met two countries, two cities of my country, had a great birthday, had financial achievements, published the book A Mitologia Allane, made new friends and also participated in a play and a musical where I could sing live.

So it was a very productive year and I have nothing to complain about, so the important thing is just to thank the Divinity for so many blessings.

~ Eise to all!

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