Happy R.ann

R.ann ~

We are in the allane month's r.ann that is the dedicated month's flora. This month we reflect on the practical aspect about the preservation of nature and the philosophical aspect we observe the harmony and what we can learn from the flora.

Doing a reflection even more profound today me came the insight of how to be a allane is a gift. I remember before when you believed in other beliefs and how everyone always took the non life is to live always tormented by guilt idea or it is always in disharmony with nature.

The human always seems is at odds with a deity, karma or needs a redemption. Logical to live in that causes some psychic disorders and is one of the causes of social problems of our contemporary society.

That does not exist in the allanismo. We accepted life. Sin does not even exist because there is not a trial. No deity can blame anything or send you to a bad place. Also no karma from a previous life does not exist. The only thing that exists is your choices your hits your mistakes.

So why should I do good things? The very concept of good and evil is arbitrary. Everything that exists is the nature of your deals and conflicts of interest.

But having a simple answer. To do things good or for looking for an inner evolution and become a human better only because it is the only way to meet with ourselves.

A hammer. What is the sense of the existence of a hammer if not hammer something. It is the same thing with the humans.

There is a higher purpose in our existence. We win intelligence and rationality beyond the artistic ability. For this is the meaning of life we develop our potentialities more and more and we will be at the excellent path of improvement divine.


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