The happiness of being an Allan

I constantly see news of religion-driven wars, I see people exploding, people hating others by the color of their skin, nationalists dying for their politicians, and now the latest fight where the embassy is.

As Allan I see all this as a great lack of common sense. In that case I see how happy I am to be an Allan.

These days I have been in a great state of mind, really very happy, I feel that the Consciousness  has freed me from all my mistakes and I feel really perfected.

Of course I face problems like everyone else, but my allan vision makes everything lighter.

I do not need to kill or die for any cause, I do not even need to protest, I have no sacred place to visit or fight, but at the same time I see the Sacredness in all existing things.

I fear absolutely nothing, my nights and days are blessed, I just become better every day and I want to express this energy and reason to live forever.


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