I am the Superman

I'm not talking about the goofy comic hero, to whom I have real disgust in every way.

The superman of comics or movies is weak, a slave to the government, elite and his own feelings.

He could change the world for the better but prefers to be a slave to corrupt politicians and decadent society. In short, it is nothing more than an advertisement for militarism, a stupid and ideal soldier.

So when I say that I am the Superman I refer to the philosopher Nietzsche, being superman a human being who transcended all things, his weaknesses, vices and beliefs.

A self-perfected human being questioned everything he knew, destroyed everything, and rebuilt himself as a new being, highly beautiful and noble.

And so, can create your new reality and bring new knowledge to help everyone who wants to hear your advices.

But there are also some misfortunes, the media, society, governments all say they want such a citizen, an educated, cultured, honest superman, fond of the great arts and a good human being but it's all a big lie.

A superman is a free being, not manipulated by the system and will always speak the opposite when given the opportunity, and this goes against all the lies told by those who want to see us enslaved by saying 'amen' to all their wants.

In addition, a superman creates his own path and his art is real, not meant to be sold, which makes the superman's non-salable way in the mainstream media that prefers to promote arts and artists that talk about big butts.

Anyway, this is already expected by the supermans and so we will follow our solitary and often anonymous ways, living our lives full and happy. Or like Nietzsche says:

I present you Superman! Superman is the sense of the earth. Say to your will: be the Superman, the sense of the earth..

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